Axilo Mix 5 Soluble Micronutrient Microgranules – 5 Lb


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Axilo Mix 5 Soluble Micronutrient Microgranules – 5 Lb is a micronutrient and secondary nutrient based product designed to treat and prevent micronutrient and secondary nutrient deficiency in crop. (Don’t use certain crop which harmful by boron).

Axilo Mix 5 (100% EDTA-chelated) of water-soluble micro-granule micronutrients are characterized by improved plant availability, handling convenience, shelf-life stability, high solubility and tank-mix/low spray volume compatibility compared to other products on the market.

Axilo Mix 5 is a microgranule product that is completely water soluble.

Rate : 0.25 ~ 2 Lb per acre per 100 gallons of water for most turf, field, crops, ornamentals.

Re-Application Intervals : 14-21 days

Active Ingredients : chelated mix of Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn + Mg + B + Mo

Magnesium (Mg) — 3%

Boron (B) — 0.5%

Iron (Fe) — 4%

Manganese (Mn) — 4%

Molybdenum – 0.1%

Zinc (Zn) — 1.5%

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