Roots Fertilizer for Tree SRN 11-22-22 Micronutrient – 8 Lb


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Roots Fertilizer for Tree SRN 11-22-22 Micronutrient – 8 Lb is a water-dispersible 50% slow release nitrogen fertilizer that provides both chemical and biological fertility to promote growth.

Its chemically-based elements address trees’ immediate nutritional needs, while its beneficial microbes will help to sustain fertility over the long term.

Added new surfactant technology (RZ3) helps the product to readily penetrate soil (alkoxylated glucopyranoside).

Key product benefits:

Traditional fertility enhanced with rhizosphere bacteria

Beneficial microbes sustain fertility over the long-term

Included Surfactant

How to Apply: Water Soluble – drench or spray to soil

Rate: 1 – 2 Lb per 100 gallons of water per 1,250 sq.ft

Active Ingredients : 11-22-22 + Micronutrients

See Label for details

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