30-0-10 2% Iron UFLEXX 50lb

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30-0-10 with iron is a turf and ornamental fertilizer with a high nitrogen load for improved plant growth and health. It can be applied to lawns and other turf sites, including ornamentals, and helps to boost plant response in poor environmental conditions.
How 30-0-10 Fertilizer Works
30-0-10 contains 30 percent nitrogen. It also contains 10 percent soluble potash (K20) and 2 percent iron derived from iron oxy-sulfate and biosolids. These micronutrients correct and prevent individual deficiencies in the turf and plants.
Areas of Use
30-0-10 fertilizer is formulated to provide vital nitrogen, potash and iron to turfgrass and ornamental plants. Like other fertilizers, it can be used on golf courses, flowers and other plants when applied as directed. It may stain sidewalks, driveways, patios and other areas. Refer to the label for exact directions for use.
Features and Benefits
Provides immediate plant response
Contains iron for a deeper green
Can be applied on lawns and other labeled sites
Get Greener Turf with 30-0-10 Fertilizer
30-0-10 is a no-phosphate fertilizer with a high nitrogen load and low iron load for rapid plant response and a deeper green in the hot summer months. Whether it’s for golf courses or other turf areas, 30-0-10 fertilizer corrects deficiencies and improves overall turf and plant health.

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