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Get rid of ants at home with Advion Ant Bait Arena. This powerful insecticide puts ant control in the hands of professionals and DIYers, helping them to eliminate ant infestations in a matter of days. The bait is slow acting but eliminates the entire colony right down to the queen. It’s easy to apply in the target areas and can be combined with ant bait stations, gels and sprays for more effective extermination.
How Advion Ant Bait Arena Works
Advion Ant Bait Arena uses a chemical known as indoxacarb to target various ant species, killing them without the need for heavy application equipment. The active ingredient works through contact and ingestion, inhibiting the ants’ nerve cells. They’re unable to feed and become paralyzed over time, dying within a few days. The effects start slowly, but all the ants will eventually die after coming into contact with the bait.
Where to Use Advion for Ants
This ant control product comes in wettable granules and applies easily to areas where ants have infested. Use it to kill ants on home lawns and commercial landscapes. It works indoors and outdoors to keep ants out of homes, businesses, warehouses and more. The chemical ingredient inside each protein-based granule kills many types of ants and can be combined with a sugar-based granule to get even better results. Some places for use include:
Fence rows
Cracks and crevices
Interior spaces
Target Pests
Most ants can’t resist the protein-based granules in Advion Ant Bait Arena. In fact, it targets several ant species from odorous house ants to Rasberry crazy ants. It’s also effective at killing and controlling fire ant populations in lawns. However, Advion Arena isn’t a good bait to control carpenter ants. To get rid of carpenter ants, consider using Advion Ant Bait Arena with Advance Carpenter Ant Bait. Both products can be used in the same areas to target invasive ants indoors and outdoors.
Benefits of Advion Ant Bait Arena
Granular ant control products work well to kill entire ant colonies in days. The ants pick up the bait and carry it to their nests, infecting each member with the active ingredient. Because it works slowly, every ant in the colony will come into contact with the bait and die as a result. Some other benefits include:
Starts to work within 24 hours
Eliminates the entire ant colony
Provides total ant control
For use indoors and outdoors
Easy to apply to the target areas
Eliminate Ants for Good With Advion
Though it doesn’t control carpenter ants, it’s hard to beat Advion Ant Bait Arena for controlling most other ant species inside and outside homes and businesses. Ants are natural foragers and will travel long distances to invade kitchens, bathrooms, offices and other spaces. Placing Advion bait granules in key areas will not only kill the ants but also prevent future infestations. It starts to work at the moment of contact and ingestion but takes a while to kill the ant, making sure that each member in the colony is infected.
Primary Pest
Active Ingredient
Indoxacarb, Other Ingredients
0.1%, 99.99%
Container Size
Case Amount
4(30×1.98 gm)
Application Amount
See label for details.
Labels and SDS Forms

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