Anderson 12-24-8 MIC 50MU Greens Grade

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The Andersons 12-24-8 is a slow-release granular fertilizer for use on lawns, professional turf and landscapes. It contains a slow-release nitrogen that feeds the turf consistently over time. It contains a proven MUtech to require less watering, downtime and a drier, firmer playing surface on the greens. The dispersible granules move through the turf canopy into the root zone and don’t cause a sticky residue.
How The Andersons 12-24-8 Works
The Andersons fertilizer contains homogeneous dispersing granules that move into the canopy with less water than similar fertilizers. It has a 12 percent blend of nitrogen that releases slowly from MUtech. It also contains 24 percent phosphate and 8 percent soluble potash (K2O). Included also is 4.10 percent sulfur, 0.3 percent iron and 0.5 percent manganese to improve the soil conditions and the overall health of the turf.
Where to Use The Andersons 12-24-8
The Andersons 12-24-8 is a lawn/turf fertilizer but designed for use on golf courses. The greens grade formula can be applied to most greens as it disperses easily in water and quickly moves through the turf canopy. There’s no fertilizer residue left behind on golf balls, shoes or playing equipment. Using The Andersons fertilizer on the golf course means there’s less time watering, less maintenance worries and a lot more time playing golf.
Target Uses
The Andersons fertilizer with MUtech is designed to feed the turf vital nutrients for growth, color and development. The blend of slow-release nitrogen improves the turf over time while other micronutrients correct existing deficiencies in the turf and soil. The nitrogen release slows down as the temperatures exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit instead of increasing like coated nitrogen. To avoid a black or brown appearance, avoid applying it before a rainfall or if the irrigation system will turn on after application.
The Andersons 12-24-8 Features and Benefits
The Andersons 12-24-8 is a benefit to golf course superintendents who need a slow-release, highly effective fertilizer to deliver firmer playing surfaces with less maintenance. When applied as directed, there’s less worry about burning the turf thanks to the slow-release nitrogen from MUtech. The dispersible granules turn into fine particles upon contact with water and move through the turf canopy into the root zone. Some major features and benefits include:
Doesn’t leave behind a fertilizer residue on golf balls, shoes or equipment
Creates a firmer, greener surface
Moves through the turf canopy into the roots quickly after application
Applies easily with an Andersons, Scotts or Lesco spreader
The Andersons 12-24-8 50MU Greens Grade
The Andersons 12-24-8 fertilizer with added micronutrients improves the health, development and color of the turf. The MUtech allows for consistent feeding, and the low salt index means there’s less worry about burning. The nitrogen is released through natural microbial activity, improving the soil structure. When it comes to feeding the turf with a consistent supply of nitrogen, potash and potassium, as well as iron and manganese, The Andersons fertilizer with MUtech is the go-to product for golf course greens and other turf sites.
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