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Mowing the turf should be more manageable and less frequent. With Anuew PGR, it is. This plant growth regulator saves turf management professionals time and money. It’s ideal for use on golf courses and reduces the amount of mowing needed during a season. Not only that, but it improves the playability of the greens and other areas on both warm- and cool-season turf.
How Anuew PGR Works
Anuew PGR contains the active ingredient prohexadione calcium and is used for plant growth management. This ingredient works by halting gibberellin biosynthesis in the later stages of plant growth. It decreases cell elongation and slows vertical growth while also benefiting the grass by improving overall plant physiology. This leads to better plant health and also increased stress tolerance.
Where to Use Anuew PGR
Golf course superintendents need a product that decreases the labor and time needed to maintain the greens, fairways and other turf areas. Anuew PGR delivers maximum performance for use on golf course turf. It can be used in warm-season turf like hybrid bermudagrass, St. Augustine and zoysiagrass. Use it to regulate cool-season turf growth in bentgrass, annual poa and Kentucky bluegrass. It’s labeled for use in residential and commercial lawns, as well as noncrop sites like parks and cemeteries. Anuew PGR is also useful for maintaining turf growth on sod farms and sports fields.
Target Uses
Use Anuew when the turfgrass is green and growing. Reapplying Anuew should be based on the GDD model (Growing Degree Day) using data from the site location. For the best results on golf courses, 280 to 350 GDD should be the target for reapplication timing. It should be applied with a sufficient volume of water, which will provide more uniformity and wetting of the turf. When used as directed, Anuew provides extended control on bentgrass greens compared to other plant growth regulators.
Anuew PGR Features and Benefits
Anuew is more active on cool-season turf but can provide faster regulation in warm-season turfgrass as well. It helps to regulate poa in mixed stands while also improving the overall playability on greens. It supports seedhead suppression and delivers a greener appearance for much longer than similar products in its class. Some reasons to use Anuew PGR for turf growth and control include:
Regulates cool-season turf longer
Creates fewer clippings and reduces mowing
Provides even regulation and greater uniformity
Delivers 20 percent more vertical growth suppression than the competition
Suppresses warm-season turf faster
Improves turf quality, density and appearance
See Better Turfgrass with Anuew PGR
Anuew inhibits growth pathways, leading to fewer mowings and greener, healthier turfgrass. It shifts carbs to the plant’s roots in the later stages, resulting in higher density and greater quality. It suppresses quickly and delivers improved uniformity throughout the turf. It provides extended control compared to other plant growth regulators and creates better playability on sports fields and golf course greens and fairways. It’s also ideal for use on home and business lawns. When mowing less is the key, Anuew PGR delivers exceptional results.
Active Ingredient
prohexadione calcium 27.5%
Container Size
1.5 lbs 
Application Amount
See label for details.
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