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Contact insecticides are a must-have when treating pest infestations in homes and businesses. BaseLine is a contact insecticide and works to kill more than 50 different insect pests both indoors and outdoors. It’s a liquid insecticide and applied as a spray along perimeters, baseboards and other areas where pests travel. It has an active ingredient for quick knockdown of nuisance pests and eliminating an infestation within hours.
How BaseLine Kills Pest Insects
BaseLine contains bifenthrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that mimics the effects of naturally occurring pyrethrins from the chrysanthemum flower. Bifenthrin acts on the insects’ nervous system at the moment of contact. Within minutes, the insects are unable to function properly and go into a state of paralysis. It doesn’t long after that for the pests to die. When it’s applied in areas where they travel, BaseLine kills the pests before they make it to their destination.
Where to Use BaseLine Insecticide
BaseLine liquid contact insecticide can be used indoors and outdoors to treat common pest insects around residential, commercial and recreational areas. It’s easy to apply with spraying equipment and can be used in offices, retail stores and schools. Use it in recreational areas like athletic fields to knock down flying and crawling insects. It’s also safe to use on outdoor and interior plantscapes, as well as around industrial areas such as warehouses and garages. It knocks down the pests quickly and targets infestations before they get out of control.
Target Pests
Pest insects cause problems for people in many ways. Some attack turfgrass and destroy the lawn while others bite, sting or contaminate food. BaseLine insecticide targets those pests and delivers a fast-acting ingredient that kills them within minutes of application. It helps to control ants, fleas and ticks in backyards and recreational sites, as well as to control termites during preconstruction. Some of the common target pests include:
Chinch bugs
Stink bugs
Carpenter bees
Advantages of BaseLine Insecticide
It takes a powerful contact insecticide to get rid of pests at home and in other areas where they nest. The active ingredient in BaseLine works quickly to stop pest infestations and to repel other insects from entering the area. It’s also highly effective against pantry pests and cockroaches in food storage areas. Other reasons to use BaseLine include:
Has a fast-acting formula
Kills stubborn pests within minutes
Treats the most common indoor and outdoor pests
Helps to control resistant insects like cockroaches
Useful as a pretreatment for termites
BaseLine Insecticide Exterminates Pests Fast
It doesn’t take long for BaseLine insecticide to show results after an application. Once it’s applied to the target area, it’s possible to see dead insects within minutes and hours depending on the resistance level of the pests. This is a contact insecticide and mixes as a tank partner with residual pesticides for longer lasting pest control. Whether it’s ants and roaches in home kitchens or chinch bugs and other turf pests in the yard, BaseLine kills the insects soon after application.
Primary Pest
Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient
Bifenthrin, Other Ingredients
23.4%, 76.6%
Container Size
5 Gallon Jug
Application Amount
See label for details.
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