Beethoven TR Miticide Insecticide


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Two-spotted spider mites and similar mites are a threat to ornamental plants. With Beethoven TR, it’s simpler than ever to control mite infestations and to protect bedding plants, cut flowers and more. It’s easy to apply and can be used in rotation with other insecticides to provide total mite and insect control in commercial greenhouses.
How Beethoven TR Works
Beethoven TR is a miticide and insecticide containing the active ingredient etoxazole. This chemical is responsible for inhibiting chitin synthesis, which is a necessary process in the health and development of cell walls. It’s delivered in an aerosol canister with a total-release formulation and works quickly to knock down mites and whiteflies in the greenhouse.
Where to Use Beethoven TR
Beethoven miticide is made for use in commercial greenhouses. Use it to control mites and whiteflies on bedding plants and cut flowers, as well as most ornamentals in the vicinity. It can be used to protect hanging baskets, potted plants and other foliage from the damaging effects of leaf-damaging insects and mites.
Features and Benefits
Mites are responsible for unhealthy plants in the greenhouse. If an infestation isn’t caught in time, it can lead to leaf yellowing and brown spots or keep the plant from growing any further. Whiteflies are just as bad, causing leaves to shrivel and drop earlier than normal. Some benefits of using Beethoven TR include:
Perfect for commercial greenhouse use
Controls whiteflies and mites, including two-spotted spider mites
Easy-to-use aerosol canister
Fast and flexible re-entry times
For solo or rotational use and partnered with other insecticides
Protect Ornamentals with Beethoven TR Miticide
Beethoven TR is a total-release miticide and insecticide made specifically to control mite and whitefly damage in greenhouses. It may be combined with another BASF TR insecticide for even greater control without the worry of harming ornamentals, cut flowers and other plants. It may be used in ventilated and non-ventilated areas and provides maximum coverage with short re-entry times.

Beethoven TR Miticide Insecticide
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