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Get to the source of insect damage with CedarCure organic insecticide. It’s labeled as a minimum risk pesticide and has reduced entry times after application. It also has multiple modes of action to target the larval stages but also to repel the adults from the area. It works through scent and by contact and has a specialized formulation to keep the insects from building up a resistance to the ingredients.
How CedarCure Works
CedarCure contains a cedar wood oil formulation that works on contact with insect larvae. It erodes the exoskeleton and causes dehydration, resulting in their death. Not only does it affect the larvae but also the eggs, rendering the insects dead before hatching. The cedar wood oil also affects adult insects as they breathe in the scent. It inhibits their ability to detect food and to reproduce while also disrupting their nerve function, causing them to become paralyzed and die or to leave the area entirely.
Where to Use CedarCure
CedarCure comes in a 16-ounce bottle, which is more than enough to treat up to 50,000 square feet at high-rate applications. Low-rate applications can treat as much as 100,000 square feet. Use it to target white grubs and other insects around plants and in the turf. It can also be used on and around trees and shrubs in areas where pest insects threaten the plants.
Target Pests
Though CedarCure targets the larvae of many insect pests, it also works on other invasive insects like mosquitoes and fleas. It drives them from the area if it doesn’t kill them first. It works quickly on the larvae, preventing them from maturing into adults. Because it wipes out the eggs, there’s no risk of an infestation in later weeks. It controls everything from cutworms to leafhoppers and protects turfgrass from sod webworms and other landscape pests. Some other common target pests include:
Chinch bugs
Crane flies
Benefits of CedarCure for Pest Control
One reason why professionals turn to CedarCure for pest infestations is its organic ingredients. It’s the perfect insecticide to use in any pest management program that relies heavily on organic treatments. Cedar wood oil is a natural repellent and provides effective results on most life stages. One pint treats a large space and keeps the pests from ruining the vegetation and the grass. Other benefits include:
Complies with the USDA National Organic Program
For use on turfgrass, trees and shrubs
Kills the larvae and prevents the eggs from hatching
Drives adult insects from the area
Combines with other products in a pest management program
Stop Infestations Early With CedarCure
White grubs, chinch bugs and similar pests cause a lot of damage to trees, shrubs and lawns. With CedarCure insecticide, the larvae and adults are targeted with one application. The natural scent repels adult insects and can cause paralysis and death. The oil erodes the immature pest’s exoskeleton, causing death by dehydration. When invasive turf and tree pests threaten the area, use CedarCure to prevent an infestation from getting out of control.
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