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Effective rat control comes from using a bait with a fast-acting formula. Contrac Soft Bait provides some of the fastest results of any bait on the market, containing an active ingredient that gets rid of rats and mice in days, not months. It controls numerous rat and mouse species and delivers a lethal dose in a single night’s feeding. Contrac is labeled for use in homes and businesses to exterminate the rodents completely.
How Contrac Soft Bait Works
Contrac Soft Bait contains the same active ingredient in many other Contrac rodenticides: bromadiolone. This lethal ingredient is a powerful anticoagulant and prevents the blood from clotting. It works at the moment of ingestion and kills rats, mice and other rodents within two days. Because it contains a highly palatable formula, the rodents can’t resist the bait and will continue to eat it until their death.
Where to Use Contrac Soft Bait
Use Contrac Soft Bait rodenticide in areas where mice and rats have been seen. If feces have been spotted along baseboards or in pantries, place the bait in these areas to target the rodents. This bait is best placed in rat or mouse bait stations to keep it fresh as well as to protect nontarget animals. Place the stations with the contained bait in homes, offices, attics, garages and other places where the pests live, breed and travel. They can also be used in transport vehicles to keep mice and rats out of packages.
Target Pests
Contrac Soft Bait is designed with an active formula that kills many species of rats and mice. It kills house mice and prevents an infestation throughout the home. It targets invasive Norway rats and roof rats that invade attics and the upper areas of structures. It’s not only effective against many different mice but also meadow voles and wood rats.
Benefits of Contrac Soft Bait for Rodents
Mice and rat populations can increase in a few weeks and spread throughout residential and commercial spaces. Contrac Soft Bait acts on the natural tendencies of rodents, giving them a package to gnaw through and a delicious bait they can’t ignore. The active ingredient in the bait works quickly to kill the rodents and to bring an infestation under control in two to three weeks. Other benefits include:
Can be used indoors and outdoors in homes and businesses
Contains a lethal dose of the active ingredient
Less toxic to people and nontarget animals
Kills different rodent species, such as house mice and roof rats
Comes in preservative packaging to protect the bait
Get Rid of Rodents With Contrac Soft Bait
Take control of rats and mice in homes, businesses and other areas with Contrac Soft Bait rodenticide. It only takes a single night’s feeding to deliver a lethal dose of the active ingredient to the rodents, killing them within 48 hours. When placed in the target area, the bait eliminates rodent infestations within a couple weeks. It comes in an irresistible formula to keep the rodents feeding until it’s gone.
Primary Pest
Active Ingredient
Bromadiolone, Other Ingredients
.005%, 99.995%
Container Size
16 lb pail
Case Amount
1X16 lb pail
Application Amount
See label for details.
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CONTRAC Soft Bait – 16lb
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