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Most homeowners and businesses don’t know how to get rid of deer, often looking to build fences that won’t provide reliable results. DeerPro Spring/Summer Deer Repellent is specially formulated with natural ingredients to keep the deer away from gardens, shrubs and other vegetation. The liquid formulation contains natural ingredients for maximum effectiveness. It’s safe for the environment and provides long-lasting deer control throughout the growing season.
How DeerPro Spring/Summer Repellent Works
DeerPro deer repellent is made with decaying whole egg solids, which drives the deer from the area. It also contains capsaicin, the active component in chili peppers that make them feel “hot” to people. While the egg solids repel the deer by scent, the capsaicin adds another layer of protection, causing a burning sensation when the deer contact it. It’s safe to use and doesn’t harm the animals. DeerPro is also approved by the EPA, making it safe for the applicator and the environment.
Where to Use DeerPro Repellent
DeerPro Spring/Summer Deer Repellent provides up to three to six weeks of protection, keeping ornamental plants and flowers safe from foraging deer. It’s rainfast and will continue working even in the heaviest downpours. There’s no need to reapply the repellent after the rain, making it a more effective alternative to granular repellents. One 2.5-gallon case makes about 20 gallons of solution for use on plants, flowers, trees and shrubs. It can be used on golf courses and around commercial buildings to protect the landscape.
Target Pests
DeerPro repellent is formulated for use on foraging deer. The scent forces the animals away while the capsaicin ensures they stay gone after contacting the plant. Though it’s labeled as a deer repellent, DeerPro also works well to keep rabbits and voles away. The ingredients are safe to use in the environment, making this a better alternative to chemical repellents. It can be applied with a backpack sprayer, as well as a low-pressure tank sprayer.
Why Use DeerPro for Spring and Summer?
Deer forage throughout the spring and summer months, invading flower beds and consuming roses off the bushes. They invade residential and commercial properties in search of food for themselves and their young. DeerPro Spring/Summer Deer Repellent uses natural ingredients to force the animals away from the application area, keeping flowers and other plants safe from damage. Some other reasons to use DeerPro include:
Dries clear when applied as directed
Only requires water for application
Has only a light odor
Protects existing plants and new growth
Doesn’t clog the sprayers
Get Long-Lasting Seasonal Control With DeerPro
DeerPro Spring/Summer Deer Repellent is easy to use and won’t clog low-pressure tank sprayers like some other liquid repellents. Though it’s made with decaying egg solids, it doesn’t leave behind a foul odor for people. It protects new growth in the application area and dries clear, so there’s no worry about staining on the plants. It has a specialized formulation to be rainfast during the spring while remaining active and effective during droughts in the summer.
Primary Pest
Active Ingredient
Putrescent Whole Egg Solids, Capsaicin, and Other Ingredients
5.94%, .0286%, 94.03%
Container Size
2.5 GA Jugs
Application Amount
See label for details.
Labels and SDS Forms

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