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Take control of turf diseases before they get out of control with Eagle 20EW Fungicide. This effective fungicide protects the turf from a variety of lawn and ornamental diseases such as brown patch and dollar spot. It can be used on home lawns and commercial landscapes and is tolerated by the most common turf and ornamental plant species. It’s easy to use and applies to the lawn with standard liquid spray equipment.
How Eagle 20EW Fungicide Works
Eagle 20EW Fungicide contains the active ingredient myclobutanil. This chemical works by disrupting cellular development in the target diseases. It inhibits ergosterol biosynthesis, preventing the cell membranes from growing, thus keeping the fungus from further developing. The chemical is absorbed into the fungal disease, killing it from the inside out. Eagle can be used in a preventive pest management program to keep turf and plant diseases at a minimum.
Where to Use Eagle 20EW Fungicide
Apply Eagle 20EW Specialty Fungicide on turf to control various fungal diseases. It can be sprayed on home lawns and office landscapes to keep them free of invasive and destructive infections. This fungicide mixes easily with water and applies as a spray to landscape ornamentals, including ornamentals grown in greenhouses and plant nurseries. When used as directed, Eagle 20EW Fungicide protects fruits like apples and grapes from developing fungal infections.
Target Pests
Eagle 20EW Fungicide controls the most common fungal diseases on home lawns, commercial landscapes and greenhouse ornamentals. It’s effective at controlling dollar spot and brown patch, as well as other diseases like anthracnose and necrotic ring spot. Apply this fungicide with water, and spray it on turfgrass, landscape ornamentals and other labeled areas to combat various rusts and powdery mildew. Some other target plant and turf diseases include:
Zoysia large patch
Zonate leaf spot
Spring dead spot
Red thread
Septoria leaf spot
Benefits of Eagle 20EW Fungicide
Plant and turf diseases not only affect the health of the vegetation; They also cause profit loss to commercial growers. In addition, it can affect the look of home lawns and cost homeowners more money and time fixing the problem. Eagle 20EW Fungicide controls common turf and plant diseases and protects new growth thanks to its systemic formulation. Some of the main benefits for using Eagle 20EW include:
For use on residential and commercial properties
Can be applied to greenhouse ornamentals
Protects new growth in the application area
Safe for use on most turf and ornamental plants
Comes in an easy-to-use liquid formulation
Prevent Ornamental Diseases With Eagle 20EW
Protect home lawns, landscape ornamentals, fruit trees and more with Eagle 20EW Specialty Fungicide. It controls a variety of turf and plant diseases, even the most hard-to-control species like anthracnose and brown patch. It works quickly thanks to its active ingredient and is easily absorbed into the plants, protecting them from the inside out. Whether it’s dollar spot and red thread or powdery mildew, use Eagle 20EW Fungicide to protect the vegetation from these turf- and plant-destroying fungal diseases.
Active Ingredient
myclobutanil: a-butyl-a-(chlorophenyl)- 1H-1,2,4,triazole-1-propanenitrile
Container Size
Pint and Gallon
Application Amount
See label for details.
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Eagle 20EW
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