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Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait is the perfect insecticide for long-lasting ant control. It contains an active ingredient that prevents the development of future infestations and mounds on the lawn. It can be used indoors and outdoors and stop mound development in grazing areas. It not only eliminates fire ants but also pavement ant colonies on residential, commercial and recreational properties.
How Extinguish Pro Insecticide Works
Extinguish Pro is similar to Extinguish Plus but only contains s-methoprene as the active ingredient. It’s not made for quick knockdown but instead eliminates the fire ants through residual control. The active ingredient is an insect growth regular, or IGR, for short. The IGR prevents the larvae from maturing and the eggs from further development. It also causes starvation and death in the adults.
Where to Use Extinguish Pro Insecticide
Use Extinguish Pro Fire Ant Bait indoors and outdoors to combat fire ant colonies. It can be used on residential turf and landscapes, such as around flowers and shrubs. Use it as a perimeter treatment around barns, poultry houses and sheds. It can be applied to parks, sports fields, golf courses and other recreational sites. Apply Extinguish Pro to roadsides, pastures and sod farms to protect against fire ant infestations. It can even be used in zoos, school grounds and commercial nurseries, including field- and container-grown stock.
Target Insects
Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait is made to eliminate fire ant colonies. However, it’s also effective at controlling pavement ants in residential and commercial areas. When the ants pick up the bait, they take it back to the nests where they distribute it throughout the colony. The active ingredient circulates to every member, infecting the young and preventing mound development. It’s important to use Extinguish Pro within three months of opening the bag for the most effective results.
Why Use Extinguish Pro Fire Ant Insecticide
Fire ants are an aggressive species and will attack at once when a person or an animal steps on or comes close to their mounds. The insects bite down on the skin and sting from their abdomens. They inject a toxin into the skin, which causes a burning sensation and extreme pain. These insects can be deadly to children and pets. Some reasons to use Extinguish Pro for fire ant control include:
Protects children and pets from aggressive fire ants
Can be used with other ant insecticides for greater control
Eliminates the mounds through residual activity
For use as a mound treatment or a broadcast treatment
Get Rid of Fire Ants With Extinguish Pro Fire Ant Bait
When one fire ant mound pops up, it won’t take long for other mounds to form elsewhere on the lawn. The mounds ruin the look of the landscape and contain thousands of fire ants that can harm adults, children and pets. Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait eliminates the entire colony, including the queen, preventing infestations in the future. Whether it’s a problem with fire ants or pavement ants, Extinguish Pro extinguishes them all.
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Extinguish Pro Fire Ant
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