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Canadian geese are nuisance pests and can be very aggressive at certain times of the year, especially when they’re raising their young. Flight Control Plus is an effective goose repellent that is safe to use around people and pets. It keeps the geese off residential and commercial turf, preventing contamination and lawn damage. It’s eco-friendly and 100 percent effective.
How Flight Control Plus Works
Flight Control Plus contains an irritant that affects the birds’ digestive system. When they eat grass treated with Flight Control Plus, they experience a strong irritation. It’s completely harmless but keeps them from feeding on the grass. Flight Control Plus also contains an ultraviolet marker that geese can see on the lawn. Because they can see it, they will learn to avoid the treated area altogether.
Where to Use Flight Control for Geese Control
Flight Control Plus can be used on most any grassy area where geese have invaded and started feeding. It can be applied to home lawns and business landscapes, as well as other turf areas on industrial sites. It comes ready to use and easy to apply by both pest control professionals and homeowners. It’s the ideal goose repellent to use around homes when compared to alternative solutions, such as noise makers and visual deterrents. It’s a cost-efficient method to get rid of geese for good.
Target Pests
Flight Control Plus is designed for geese, specifically Canadian geese. These birds have moved into areas with no natural predators, making their populations explode. A single goose can eat as much as 3 pounds of grass in a single day, so imagine how much damage occurs to lawns with an entire flock eating the grass. These pests also leave behind droppings as they feed and rest, contaminating the landscape with bacteria and parasites. Flight Control Plus gets rid of Canadian geese by removing their food source.
Reasons to Use a Goose Repellent
Canadian geese not only contaminate the landscape with feces, but they also can be quite aggressive and will defend their territory. They will attempt to run people off and may also bite when trying to protect their young. Applying Flight Control Plus to the grass doesn’t harm people or pets but prevents the geese from feeding without harming them. Other reasons to use Flight Control Plus include:
Repels Canadian geese 24/7 after application
Contains an eco-friendly ingredient
Doesn’t harm people or pets
Provides residual control even in the rain
Doesn’t have an odor and is nontoxic
Prevent Geese Infestations With Flight Control Plus
Canadian geese will destroy the turf and spread diseases if they’re not repelled from the area. They have no natural predators in urban areas, so they freely eat grass on home lawns, parks and business landscapes. Flight Control Plus gets rid of the geese without hurting them. It contains a 100 percent effective repellent that causes a strong irritation in their digestive system. Once they feed on treated grass, they will stop feeding and fly away to search for food somewhere else.
Arkion Life Sciences
Primary Pest
Active Ingredient
9,10 anthraquinone, Other Ingredients
50%, 50%
Container Size
1 gallon
Case Amount
4×1 gallon
Application Amount
See label for details.
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