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Stopping weeds before they emerge from the soil is the key to having a pristine playing field. FreeHand 1.75G is a pre-emergent herbicide used to kill weeds before they germinate and show up on the golf course. It can also be applied to other labeled sites to kill and control a variety of grasses, broadleaf weeds and sedges.
How FreeHand 1.75G Herbicide Works
FreeHand contains 1 percent pendimethalin and 0.75 percent dimethenamid as the active ingredients. This combination forms the 1.75G on the label. Together, these ingredients penetrate the soil and affect the pre-emerged weeds, preventing them from growing and killing them before they have a chance to emerge from the soil. It’s a selective herbicide, so it can be used to kill the labeled weeds without risking damage to grasses and other plants in the application area.
Where to Use FreeHand Herbicide
FreeHand 1.75G pre-emergent herbicide is ideal for landscape and grounds maintenance. Use it to control weed growth in commercial ornamental production, as well as on tree plantations including Christmas trees. It can also be applied to turfgrass sites to control weeds as they germinate. It’s compatible with John Deere-Lesco rotary spreaders but can also be used with solo spreaders on the target site. It has a wide range of use sites and provides outstanding rate flexibility when used as directed.
Target Weeds
FreeHand 1.75G provides broad-spectrum control of numerous weeds, grasses and sedges on the labeled sites. It effectively prevents annual bluegrass, barnyardgrass and crabgrass from emerging and taking over the landscape. Use it to control dogfennel and eclipta, foxtail and goosegrass, and henbit and lambsquarters. It’s labeled to prevent the growth of rice flatsedge and yellow nutsedge, as well as smartweed and spurge. FreeHand 1.75G is a go-to product for grounds maintenance professionals who want to keep the course free and clear of purslane, woodsorrel and other invasive weeds.
FreeHand 1.75G Features and Benefits
For the best results, FreeHand 1.75G should be applied to areas with no established weeds. It can be used every eight weeks and will ensure optimal weed control when applied uniformly. The two-ingredient formulation makes it the ideal pre-emergent weed management product for use in a variety of sites. Some major features and benefits of FreeHand herbicide include:
Provides broad-spectrum control of many invasive weeds
Delivers residual control in container settings
Stops weeds from germinating and emerging
Controls everything from barnyardgrass to yellow nutsedge
Can be used on tree plantations, turfgrass and other labeled sites
FreeHand Delivers Exceptional Residual Control
There’s no reason to deal with weeds throughout the landscape when they can be eliminated below the soil. FreeHand 1.75G pre-emergent herbicide does just that, using two active ingredients to stop germination and to prevent the weeds from breaking through and ruining golf courses, tree plantations, commercial turfgrass and other sites. It eliminates hard-to-control sedges, grasses and broadleaf weeds and provides residual control in a container medium. Whether it’s for controlling weeds on the golf course or a tree plantation, turn to FreeHand 1.75G for the best results.
Active Ingredient
dimethenamid-P, Pendimethalin, Other Ingredients
0.75% 1% 98.25%
Container Size
50lb Bag
Application Amount
See label for details.
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