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Weed control doesn’t have to be a tough business. Fusilade II is a post-emergent herbicide specially designed to kill and control a variety of grassy weeds. It can be used across the landscape to control weeds or applied as a spot treatment for those random popups. It’s tough on crabgrass and other weeds and highly effective even at low usage rates.
How Fusilade II Herbicide Works
Fusilade II post-emergent herbicide is formulated to be selective, meaning it targets certain weeds with minimal risk to surrounding turfgrass and ornamentals. It contains fluazifop-P-butyl as the active ingredient, which penetrates the weed tissue and blocks cellular processes and growth. It’s fast and effective and starts to work as soon as it’s applied on the weeds.
Where to Use Fusilade II
Use Fusilade II selective herbicide on residential and commercial landscaped areas. It’s perfect for controlling crabgrass, goosegrass and barnyardgrass on golf courses, recreational sites, athletic fields and parks. It can even knock down foxtail and witchgrass, as well as many other grassy weeds, across plant nurseries, greenhouses and other areas.
Features and Benefits
One major benefit of using Fusilade II is its flexible application options. It can be applied over the top of ornamentals without harming them or used as a spot treatment to kill weeds as they emerge. Some other benefits include:
Perfect solution for controlling crabgrass
Removes bermudagrass from zoysia and fescue
Rainfast in only an hour
Available in 1-quart and 2.5-gallon sizes
Fusilade II for Turf and Ornamentals
Weeds will take over the turf and ornamental beds in no time without proper control. Fusilade II is a quick, easy and effective weed control product made specifically for grassy weeds like crabgrass, foxtail and witchgrass. It can be used as a spot treatment or over the top of various ornamentals to stop weed growth. Fusilade II comes in two different sizes and is very effective at reduced application rates to save on cost and product while still achieving maximum weed control.
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Fusilade II
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