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The right nutrients can help turf and plants grow healthier, stronger and more resilient to stress damage. Gravity® S 10-52-10 contains the right plant nutrition to improve turf, flowers and food crops. If the soil lacks the proper nutrients, Gravity S will provide adequate levels in no time.
How Gravity S Works
Gravity S 10-52-10 is a foliar fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphate, potash and several micronutrients like copper, iron and zinc. The high level of phosphorus benefits the turf and plants by stimulating root growth and boosting their health at the early developmental stages. The combination of ingredients improve turf density, crop growth and overall plant vigor.
Where to Use Gravity S 10-52-10
Gravity S can be used in a variety of settings where the plants could benefit from additional nutrients. Use it on crops such as wheat, apples and peanuts, as well as on tobacco beds and greenhouse crops. It’s useful for all lawn and turf applications, including household plants and transplants.
Gravity S Features and Benefits
When plants don’t have the proper nutrients, they can’t grow to their fullest potential. Adding Gravity S 10-52-10 to the plants will yield thicker grass, more lush ornamentals and healthier crops. Some major benefits of using Gravity S include:
Promotes healthy, strong turf and plants
Can be used in greenhouses, lawns, crop fields and more
Contains key micronutrients for improved growth and development
Boost Crop Health with Gravity S
Gravity S 10-52-10 is a highly effective water-soluble plant food concentrate. Use it for crops, lawns, flowers, transplants and more. It provides the right balance of micronutrients to boost plant health and to promote stronger root systems.
Winfield United
Soluble Fertilizer
10-52-10,0.02B, 0.05Cu, 0.1Fe, 0.05Mn, 0.0005Mo, 0.05Zn
Container Size
Application Amount
See label for details.
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Gravity S 10-52-10
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