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Nuisance animals often invade properties and sometimes homes and businesses. Havahart 1079 Cage Traps are the ideal solution for catching the animals without harming them. They’re perfect for catch and release and are made with durable mesh and steel reinforcement to resist damage over time. The traps are large enough to hold everything from raccoons to small dogs and designed for residential and commercial use.
How Havahart Cage Traps Work
The 1079 Havahart 1-Door Animal Trap is made with a high-tensile wire mesh and a gravity-action door with sensitive triggers. Once the animal contacts the trigger, the door closes quickly to ensure a quick, secure and safe catch. The interior cage has smooth edges to protect the animal from cuts and scratches.
Where to Use Havahart Animal Traps
Havahart animal cage traps can be used anywhere the animals are present. They can be placed in homes and businesses, as well as garages and other interior spaces to capture pest intruders. Place them in attics and crawl spaces, sheds and barns, and backyards and other areas to catch the animals. They’re easy to set up and bait, as well as to release when it’s time to let the animal go or to hand it over to wildlife control professionals. Some other common areas for use include warehouses, stores and other commercial businesses.
Target Pests
Havahart 1079 Cage Traps are the ideal products for humanely capturing possums and raccoons. It keeps them safe inside and is easy to release them once it’s time. Use these cages to capture cats that have infested properties, as well as small dogs that may be in the area. It’s effective at catching groundhogs around gardens and skunks in the backyard. It’s also big enough to catch bobcats, foxes and beavers thanks to its gravity-action door and trigger system.
Benefits of Havahart Large 1-Door Animal Traps
Wild animals are never a good thing to have on properties whether inside or outdoors. Raccoons will often get into attics and build nests in the ductwork. Some animals have diseases and can be extremely aggressive if approached. They get into trash bins and feast on garden fruits and vegetables. Havahart animal traps work wonders at capturing the animals without putting the user or the animal at risk. Some features of the Havahart Large 1-Door Animal Trap include:
Spring-loaded metal door
Higher catch rate with minimal escapes
Resists damage such as rust
Smooth interior edges to prevent injury
Fully assembled and ready to set in place
Trap Animals the Humane Way with Havahart
Letting wildlife and feral dogs and cats roam on the property will cause a lot of problems in the future. Havahart animal traps capture the animals without causing injury to them. The trap door is solid and heavy, ensuring no escape once the animal enters the cage and sets off the triggers. The cages are designed for a high catch rate, and they make it easy to release the animal to the authorities or back into the wild.
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Havahart Large 1-Door Animal Trap
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