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Molt-X is an insecticide and nematicide for use on outdoor crops and indoor plants. It has a specialized formula for controlling and repelling a variety of plant-damaging insects and has a unique mode of action to interfere with the metabolism of the target pests. It’s an insect growth regular, or IGR, for short. Though it may not kill adult insects, it can greatly reduce future infestations in the area.
How Molt-X Works
Molt-X contains the active ingredient azadirachtin. It’s similar to neem oil as it contains a mixture of substances that are extracted directly from the neem seed kernels. It’s used as an IGR for regulating the growth of insect larvae and nematodes. The active ingredient doesn’t control adult insects but instead disrupts the life cycle of the young, prohibiting the molting process and killing the larvae and pupae.
Where to Use Molt-X
Molt-X can be used on a variety of sites to control leaf-damaging insects like aphids and leafrollers. It’s for agricultural and commercial use in greenhouses and shade houses, as well as interiorscapes to protect the plants from damage. Use it on indoor plants and outdoor shrubs, trees and ornamental plants. It can be used on nursery crops both indoors and outdoors, as well as to protect turfgrass from various insect pests. Molt-X has a four-hour re-entry interval in the target areas.
Target Pests
Molt-X does not kill or control adult insects. It is a growth regulator, which means it disrupts the growth processes of the labeled insects, preventing them from molting and maturing to the next developmental stage. It reduces the population and can be combined with knockdown insecticides for more improved pest control. It targets everything from aphids and armyworms to thrips and whiteflies. Use Molt-X to control beetles, cutworms and fungus gnats, as well as other damaging insects like root knot nematodes and sawflies.
Advantages of Using Molt-X
Most knockdown insecticides don’t reach the larvae beneath the leaves. They also may not affect the eggs. Though the adults are eliminated, another infestation will soon break out in the same area. Molt-X targets the young and prevents them from moving on to the next life stage. It prevents reinfestations especially when used with contact insecticides. Some features and benefits of Molt-X include:
Controls and repels aphids, leafminers and other plant-damaging insects
Perfect for controlling dagger, golden and root knot nematodes
Can be used in greenhouses, outdoor shrubs, turfgrass and interiorscapes
Contains an IGR to prevent future infestations in the labeled areas
Regular Insect Growth with Molt-X
Molt-X is compatible with most common insecticides and can be combined with residual and contact pesticides for improved pest control in the area. Use it in greenhouses and shade houses to control the pest population, as well as on turfgrass and shrubs to protect them from damage. This IGR controls insects in the larval, pupal and nymphal stages and prevents them from maturing into breeding adults. Whether it’s a problem with leafminers or whiteflies, prevent a future infestation with Molt-X IGR.
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