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Stop pest infestations from spreading indoors and outdoors with NyGuard IGR. This insect growth regulator provides fast and effective pest control of nuisance insects such as fleas and crickets. It’s not a typical insecticide. Instead, it’s a growth regulator, meaning it’s formulated for pest elimination through population control. It can be mixed with most any contact insecticide, such as Demand CS, for more effective and longer lasting results.
How NyGuard IGR Works
NyGuard contains the active ingredient pyridine, a chemical substance that acts like an insect hormone. In fact, it mimics an immature insect’s hormone and inhibits the reproduction cycle. It works on the juvenile insects as well as the eggs. As the insect ages, it can no longer reproduce. NyGuard isn’t used to kill the insects but instead stops the reproduction cycle. It sterilizes the adults and decreases total egg production, stopping an infestation at the source. Any larvae that hatch from the eggs could have deformities and the inability to reproduce during later stages.
Where to Use NyGuard Concentrate
NyGuard insect growth regulator can be used both indoors and outdoors to control insect populations. Spray it alone or with a contact and residual insecticide for greater results. Using it alone will only disrupt the juveniles’ reproduction cycle; it won’t kill them. Applying it with a contact insecticide will provide quick knockdown of the adults while the IGR prevents any young from maturing and creating a future infestation. Use it inside and outside homes and businesses to target nuisance insects. Some places for use include:
Apartment buildings
Target Pests
NyGuard combats many different pest species in homes and commercial properties, including warehouses and other industrial sites. It prevents immature ants and beetles from growing into breeding adults and causing infestations indoors and outdoors. It works on the most resistant insect species, such as cockroaches. Combining NyGuard with an insecticide will wipe out a roach infestation in a matter of weeks. Use it to target the following insects and more:
Pantry pests
Reasons to Use NyGuard IGR
Using a contact insecticide is the ideal way to eliminate pests. However, it doesn’t provide long-term control. NyGuard IGR is the solution to preventing future pest infestations even after using contact or residual insecticides. It breaks the insects’ reproduction cycle, providing full pest control for months after applying it to the target area. Other benefits include:
Safe to use in food-handling areas
Works both indoors and outdoors
Targets a variety of pest species
Combines easily with insecticides
Can be applied with foggers or sprayers
NyGuard IGR Stops Pest Infestations
Nothing provides long-lasting pest prevention like NyGuard insect growth regulator. Just one application offers residual pest control for as many as seven months. When it’s combined with an insecticide, it creates an even more powerful result. It disrupts the reproduction cycle and sterilizes adult insects, keeping them from reproducing and causing infestations in homes and businesses. It’s used with foggers and sprayers and targets invasive insects like cockroaches and mosquitoes.
Primary Pest
General Purpose
Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient
Pyrenthrins, *Piperonyl butoxide,**N-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide, ***Other Ingredients
Container Size
140 ml bottle
Case Amount
10×140 ml bottle
Application Amount
See label for details.
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Nyguard IGR
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