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  • Description
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  • Label/SDS

Panoramic herbicide controls annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses such as leafy spurge and cheat grass. For weed control and turf height suppression on non-cropland areas including range, pastureland, roadsides and right-of-ways.

Active Ingredient : Imazapic 23.3%

Comparable Product : Plateau®

Manufacturer : Alligare

Usage Rate Recommendations :
2 – 12 Fl. Oz. per acre

For specific details on control of these target pest and use rates check the label provided

Annual Ryegrass
Annual Jewgrass
Anoda, Spurred
Baby’s Breath
Bahia grass
Barley, Little
Barley, Squirrel Tail
Bedstraw, Catchweed
Bedstraw, Marsh
Beggarweed, Florida
Bindweed, Field
Broadleaf signalgrass
Brome, Downy
Buttercup, Bur
Cheat Bromus
Chickweed, Common
Cocklebur, Common
Cornsalad, Common
Crabgrass, Large (Hairy)
Crabgrass, Smooth
Crownbeard, Golden
Dock, Curl
Downy Brome
Dropseed, Tall
Fall panicum
Fescue, Tall
Flax, Spurge
Fleabane, Annual
Foxtail, Giant
Foxtail, Green
Foxtail, Knotroot
Foxtail, Purple Robust
Foxtail, Yellow
Garlic, Wild
Geranium, Carolina
Geranium, Cranesbill
Giant foxtail
Goatgrass, Jointed
Green foxtail
Ground Cherry
Hemlock, Poison
Hoary Cress
Houndstongue, Bristly
Indigo, Hairy
Johnsongrass (seedling)
Knapweed, Russian
Knotweed, Prostrate
Lambsquarters, Common
Large crabgrass
Little Barley
Morningglory, Cypressvine
Morningglory, Entireleaf
Morningglory, Ivyleaf
Morningglory, Tall
Morningglory, Pitted
Morningglory, Smallflower
Mustard, Wild
Nutsedge, Purple
Nutsedge, Yellow
Onion, Wild
Panicum, Fall
Panicum, Texas
Pepperweed, Perennial
Plantain, Narrowleaf
Poinsettia, Wild
Puncture Vine
Purslane, Common
Pusley, Florida
Queen Anne’s Lace
Radish, Wild
Ragweed, Common
Ragweed, Giant
Ragweed, Western
Rocket, Yellow
Ryegrass, Annual (Italian)
Ryegrass, Perennial
Senna, Coffee
Shattercane Sorghum
Sicklepod Senna
Sida, Prickly
Signalgrass, Broadleaf
Smartweed, Ladysthumb
Smartweed, Pennsylvania
Smartweed, Spurge,
Smartweed, Swamp
Smooth crabgrass
Southern crabgrass
Spurge, Leafy
Spurge, Spotted
Spurge, Toothed
Starbur, Bristly
Stiltgrass, Japanese
Stinkgrass, Annual
Tall Fescue
Tansy mustard
Teasel, Common
Texas panicum
Thistle, Bull
Thistle, Musk
Thistle, Platt
Thistle, Russian
Toadflax, Dalmatian
Vervain, Blue
Vervain, Prostrate
Wild Oats
Woodsorrel, Yellow
Yellow Rocket
Yellow foxtail

For specific details on these areas of use and use rates check the label provided

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land
Non-agricultural fence rows
Non-irrigation ditch banks
Paved surfaces
Petroleum tank farms
Prairie sites
Pumping installations
Railroad crossings
Rights-of-way (railroad, utility, pipeline and highway)
Storage areas
Turf areas (on industrial, golf courses, recreation and non-residential sites)
Utility plant sites

This product is not registered for use in the following states:

  • AZ
  • CA
  • NY

At this time ChemicalWarehouse does not ship pesticides outside of the Continental United States. (No shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, US Military Bases, or US Territories)



Panoramic 2SL
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