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ProPeat 7-4-14 is a peat-based granular fertilizer formulated to work well in both dry and wet climates.  It has an appropriate nutrient load for turf growth and health and includes calcium for increasing turf cell integrity and maintaining the pH levels in the soil.
What’s in ProPeat 7-4-14?
ProPeat 7-4-14 contains 7 percent total ammoniacal nitrogen, 4 percent available phosphate and 14 percent soluble potash (K2O). It also contains a variety of micronutrients for increased turf health, such as iron, copper, manganese, boron, sulfur and zinc. These added micronutrients correct any existing deficiencies in the turf. It’s also formulated with an proper calcium load to maintain optimal soil structure and to improve nutrient availability to the turfgrass.
Where to Use ProPeat 7-4-14
ProPeat 7-4-14 is made to improve the health and hardiness of the turf. It’s available in homogeneous granular prills containing nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, as well as other nutrients to improve the greens on the golf course, as well as other professional turf and landscape areas. There is also a ProPeat fairway grade to use throughout the course. It’s important to wait until ProPeat has had a chance to break up in the soil before mowing or irrigating the greens and other turf areas.
Target Uses
ProPeat 7-4-14 is used to correct and prevent nutrient deficiencies in the turfgrass. These nutrient deficiencies occur because of poor soil quality in most cases. The added calcium in the fertilizer maintains the soil quality and helps the turf receive the nutrients more easily. It should always be applied according to the label to prevent nitrogen burn and other damage caused by excessive nutrient applications. Always refer to the label for exact application rates.
ProPeat 7-4-14 Features and Benefits
ProPeat 7-4-14 is designed to encourage turf health, growth and development thanks to its unique blend of NPK and other micronutrients. The granules break up evenly in the soil, providing a more uniform nutrient release in the turf. When it’s applied as directed, ProPeat corrects and prevents nutrient deficiencies. It can be used on a variety of professional turf sites and applied with a spreader. Some major features and benefits include:
An all-in-one fertilizer for excellent turf growth and health
Contains added calcium to improve soil pH and nutrient availability
Can be applied on golf course greens and other professional landscaping
Improves the uptake of nutrients into the turf
ProPeat 7-4-14 MIC Greens Grade
Turfgrass needs the right amount of nutrients to grow and develop properly and to withstand the stresses caused by poor soil quality. ProPeat is a professional turf and landscape fertilizer containing the right balance of micronutrients to encourage healthy turf growth. It improves the overall turf’s hardiness and root development. Whether it’s for a golf course or another professional turf site, ProPeat 7-4-14 is a quality fertilizer with the right nutrients to boost turf health.
The peat base in ProPEAT 7-4-14 also provides a range of Humic and Fulvic acids, increasing the CEC value.
Application Rate : 200 lbs per acre
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