SFM 75 Herbicide

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  • Target Pest
  • Areas of Use
  • Shipping
  • Label/SDS

Out of Stock – Check out Oust XP Herbicide

SFM 75 is used for weed control on terrestrial non-crop sites and for selective weed control in certain types of unimproved turf grasses on such sites. It is also used for selective weed control in forest site preparation and in the release of certain conifers and hardwoods.

Active Ingredient : Sulfometuron methyl 75%

Comparable Products : Oust XP®

Manufacturer : Various*

Usage Rate Recommendations :
0.5 – 6 Ounces per acre

*Some chemicals are manufactured by various companies.  These are called generic or post-patent products.  In order to offer the best price possible, we source from different high-quality manufactures.   The picture above may not match the exact generic brand you receive.  All products will always contain the same chemical and same concentration of active ingredients as described.  We do not substitute brand named products with generic products. 

For specific details on control of these target pest and use rates check the label provided

Alta fescue
Annual bluegrass
Annual ryegrass
Annual sowthistle
Bahia grass
Black mustard
Buckhorn plantain
Canada thistle
Carolina Geranium
Common chickweed
Common dandelion
Common mallow
Common speedwell
Common yarrow
Crimson clover
Curly dock
Downy Brome
Fireweed (willow weed)
Foxtail barley
Foxtail fescue
Foxtails (except green)
Hoary cress (whitetop)
Horsetail (Equisetum)
Italian ryegrass
Jointed goatgrass
Kentucky bluegrass
Little barley
Little mallow
Musk thistle
Nutsedge (yellow)
Ox-eye daisy
Panicum, broadleaf
Panicum, fall
Panicum, narrow
Prickly coontail
Purple starthistle
Red brome
Red fescue
Redstem filaree
Reed Canarygrass
Ripgut brome
Seashore saltgrass
Seaside heliotrope
Shepherd’s purse
Smooth brome
Sowthistle (annual)
Spotted Spurge
Sprangletop (annual)
Spreading orach
Sweet clover
Tansy ragwort
Tansy mustard
Tumble mustard
Turkey mullein
Western ragweed
Wheat (volunteer)
White snakeroot
Whitestem filaree
Wild blackberry
Wild carrot
Wild oats
Yellow foxtail
Yellow rocket
Yellow sweetclover

For specific details on these areas of use and use rates check the label provided

Barrier strips
Chemical tank farms
Conservation reserve programs (crp)
Fence rows
Fuel storage areas
Fuel tank farms
Highway rights-of-way
Industrial facilities
Non-crop sites
Outdoor industrial sites
Petroleum tank farms
Pumping installations
Railroad rights-of-way
Refinery facilities
Roadsides and median strips
Sewage disposal areas
Soil bank land
Storage areas
Tank farms
Uncultivated agricultural non-crop areas
Uncultivated non-agricultural areas
Utility facilities
Utility rights-of-way

At this time ChemicalWarehouse does not ship pesticides outside of the Continental United States. (No shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, US Military Bases, or US Territories)



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