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Some pesticides degrade quickly in the elements either because of direct sunlight or rainfall. Suspend Polyzone is made to resist the elements thanks to its polymer coating. It not only protects the insecticide from the weather but also abrasion from the application equipment and the target surface. It provides a long residual and also quick knockdown of the labeled insect pests due to its active ingredient.
How Suspend Polyzone Works
Suspend Polyzone contains deltamethrin as the active ingredient. It’s a synthetic pyrethroid that mimics the effects of natural pyrethrins that are found in chrysanthemum flowers. Because it’s synthetic, the effects last longer and are more effective, providing fast kills in the application area. It targets the insect’s nervous system and kills it by paralyzation. The active ingredient lingers in the area and eliminates recurring pest infestations.
Where to Use Suspend Polyzone
Use Suspend Polyzone indoors and outdoors as a crack and crevice treatment to kill pests where they live and breed. It can be used in houses, apartments and other residential living areas, including commercial spaces such as offices and municipal buildings. It’s labeled for use in food-handling spaces like restaurants and can even be applied in schools, hospitals and other sensitive areas. Apply Suspend outdoors on lawns and landscape plants to target invasive pests such as ants and spiders. Refer to the label for more information such as exact use rates and application sites.
Target Pests
Suspend Polyzone targets a wide range of insect pests and arachnids indoors and outdoors. It’s highly effective against different ant species, including destructive carpenter ants on decks and balconies. Even against resistant pests such as cockroaches, Suspend Polyzone works quickly to eliminate the infestation. Against arachnids like spiders and ticks, it knocks down the pests on contact and provides residual activity at the application site. Some common target pests include stink bugs, fruit flies, silverfish, wasps and other flying and crawling insects.
Benefits of Using Suspend Polyzone
It’s the protective polymer layer that makes Suspend Polyzone so effective against insect pests. It’s resistant to irrigation and rainfall and provides a much longer residual with fewer applications in the target area. In fact, it stays effective for up to 90 days thanks to its controlled-release formula. Some major features and benefits include:
Targets dozens of insect pests and arachnids
Contains a synthetic pyrethroid for quick knockdown
Lasts for up to three months outdoors, even in rainfall
Approved for use in food-handling areas
Distributed more evenly on surfaces compared to other suspension concentrates
Tackle Invasive Pests with Suspend Polyzone
Insecticides work better when they’re formulated to last even in the harshest conditions. Suspend Polyzone provides effective pest control action whether it’s dry or raining. Even during irrigation, it provides residual activity for as many as 90 days. The protective polymer layer helps the active ingredient remain active on the surface, providing quick knockdown of the labeled pests and continuous residual pest control. Thanks to Suspend Polyzone, pest management professionals have a reliable product to reduce callbacks and to increase time between scheduled services.
Primary Pest
General Purpose
Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient
Deltamethrin, Other Ingredients
4.75, 95.25%
Container Size
16 oz bottle/1 gallon
Case Amount
16X16 oz bottles/4X1 gallons
Application Amount
See label for details.
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Suspend Polyzone
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