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*Staring August 30th, 2019 Suspend SC will be a Restricted Use Product in the state of NY. We will be asking for an applicator’s license from those who purchase from NY, if you do not have an applicator’s license, product will not be sent.
Not all insecticides can be used indoors. With Suspend’s nonstaining formula, it can be applied both indoors and outdoors to tackle and prevent pest infestations. It has an active ingredient that knocks down insects quickly while providing a residual for continuous pest control long after application. Suspend SC is safe enough for food-handling establishments and doesn’t damage surfaces.
How Suspend SC Works
Suspend SC contains the active ingredient deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid. It’s highly effective against insect pests as it targets their nervous system, causing paralysis and death. It can be used indoors thanks to having a low odor and a nonstaining formula. It’s easy to pour and mix and can be used for broad-spectrum pest control against 50 different insect pests, including bed bugs and roaches.
Where to Use Suspend SC
Suspend SC can be used indoors and outdoors in a variety of places, from residential homes to commercial food-handling areas. It’s pet safe when dry and doesn’t damage plants and surfaces when applied as directed. Use it to eliminate and prevent pest infestations in apartments and condos, offices and warehouses, and restaurants and hotels. It comes in a squeeze and pour container for ease of use.
Target Pests
Apply Suspend SC in areas where pests are most active or like to travel, such as along baseboards or exterior perimeters. It’s effective against many different ant species and even kills spiders, ticks and other arachnids on the spot. The residual ensures fewer infestations in the future, preventing bed bugs, silverfish and other crawling pests from taking over the interior. Using it outdoors around sheds, garages and other buildings will also help to control the insect population.
Benefits of Using Suspend SC
Suspend comes in two types: SC and Polyzone. Both products contain the same active ingredient and provide fast knockdown and a long residual. If you’re looking for a longer residual up to 90 days, Polyzone is specially formulated to resist rainfall and irrigation. Suspend SC is perfectly suitable for indoors and outdoors and is safe to use around pets when it dries. Because it doesn’t stain surfaces, it’s ideal for use indoors on hardwood, carpet and other areas. Some major benefits and features of using Suspend SC for pest control include:
Targets more than 50 different pest insects
Contains deltamethrin for fast knockdown and kill
Lasts for up to 90 days indoors and outdoors
For use in restaurants and other food-handling areas
Stays on porous surfaces for continued residual activity
Suspend SC Targets More Than 50 Insects
The active ingredient in Suspend SC makes it the perfect insecticide to use when broad-spectrum control is needed. It provides fast knockdown of more than 50 pest species, including resistant insects like cockroaches and bed bugs. The nonstaining, low odor formulation is suited for indoor use but can also benefit outdoor use since it doesn’t leave behind residues on surfaces. It’s easy to measure and mix and can be used by pest management professionals in a variety of settings.
Primary Pest
General Purpose
Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient
Deltamethrin, Other Ingredients
4.75, 95.25%
Container Size
1 pint or Gallon Jugs
Case Amount
16×1 pint
Application Amount
See label for details.
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Suspend SC
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