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Vexis herbicide contains a proprietary ingredient to eliminate postemergent weeds. The specialized formulation reduces the risk of inaccurate applications and targets a variety of broadleaf weeds in residential, commercial and recreational sites. It can be used in cool- and warm-season turfgrass and gets rid of hard-to-control weeds like yellow and purple nutsedge. Vexis comes in an easy-to-use granular formulation for use on many different ornamental turf sites.
How Vexis Herbicide Works
Vexis specialty herbicide contains the proprietary ingredient pyrimisulfan. It’s a selective herbicide, so there’s less risk to desirable plants in the application area when used as directed. The active ingredient inhibits acetolactate synthase (ALS), which is the enzyme associated with amino acid biosynthesis. Tests show that Vexis still may have activity against weeds that have developed a resistance to herbicides with the same mode of action.
Where to Use Vexis Herbicide
Vexis is labeled for use on many different turfgrass sites, from home lawns to recreational areas like sports fields and parks. It can be used on residential properties, such as apartments and condominiums, and is perfect for controlling weed growth on commercial sites around businesses. It can also be used on noncrop sites like cemeteries and school grounds. Use Vexis to control weeds on sod farms, sports facilities and golf courses, including the tees, fairways and roughs. See the label for exact application sites and use rates.
Target Weeds
Use Vexis specialty postemergent herbicide to control the most common broadleaf weeds. It provides effective results against yellow and purple nutsedge, as well as various kyllinga species. Apply it on the turf to fight common chickweed and hairy bittercress, as well as henbit and buckhorn plantain. It also works well against dollarweed, false dandelion and ground ivy. Refer to the label for a complete list of weeds controlled by Vexis herbicide.
Vexis Herbicide Features and Benefits
The proprietary ingredient in Vexis herbicide makes it effective against similar herbicides with the same ALS-inhibiting mode of action. That’s one of its main benefits as it can control common weeds while others in the same class fail. It can be used everywhere from home lawns to golf courses and controls green kyllinga, purple nutsedge and more. Some major features and benefits include:
For use on established cool- and warm-season turfgrass sites
Can be used to control nutsedges, kyllingas and other common weeds
Contains a proprietary ingredient for maximum weed control
Perfect for use as an effective weed killer on golf courses
Designed for selective, systemic, postemergent weed control
Vexis Kills Sedges, Kyllingas and More
When other herbicides fail to deliver the expected results, Vexis specialty herbicide delivers great performance and exceptional results. It knocks out postemergent weeds like green kyllinga and yellow nutsedge and can be used in both cool- and warm-season grasses. It’s easy to dispense in a shaker can thanks to its granular formulation. Whether it’s used for residential turfgrass or sod farms, Vexis delivers expected results when treating the most common broadleaf weeds and sedges.
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2 lb, 15 lb
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See label for details.
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