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Mice are nuisance pests that invade interior spaces and contaminate surfaces. They breed by the dozens and spread serious diseases to people. With Victor Tin Cat M309 glue boards, it’s never been easier to get rid of mice without the need for toxic baits and dangerous snap traps. They’re easy to set up and dispose of and also provide fast results in the infested area.
How Victor Tin Cat Works
Victor Tin Cat glue boards don’t require baits or other attractants to lure mice out of hiding. They’re made from disposable cardboard and have a highly adhesive interior surface that traps mice at the moment of contact. Because the glue boards are scented with peanut butter, the mice seek out the aroma within the box- or tent-shaped trap.
Where to Use Victor Glue Boards
Use Victor Tin Cat M309 glue boards anywhere mice have been seen or there may be suspected activity. Since they don’t have toxic chemicals, they’re safe to use in residential and commercial areas. However, they should still be placed out of reach of children and pets due to the adhesive surface. Use the glue boards in barns, sheds, garages, attics, offices and other areas both indoors and outdoors to capture the mice where they travel.
Target Pests
Victor Tin Cat glue boards are made to lure and capture mice as they invade pantries or travel along baseboards. Though the peanut butter scent attracts mice, it may also attract other small rodents like voles and chipmunks. It’s also an effective product for trapping various insect pests and monitoring their activity. Because the glue boards are highly adhesive, the mice and insects are unable to break free and will die as a result.
Features and Benefits of Victor Tin Cat
One of the major benefits of Victor Tin Cat mouse glue boards is their ease of use. They can be laid flat on the floor to trap mice as they travel, or they can be folded into a tent or box shape to keep dust and debris off the glue. They’re easy to set up in the target area and can be disposed of in the trash bin outdoors. Some other features and benefits include:
Perfect for areas where poisons and snap traps are discouraged
Has a peanut butter scent to lure mice out of hiding
Can be used indoors and outdoors where mice like to travel
Dissolves easily with vegetable oil in cases of emergency
Made from disposable cardboard
Trap and Kill Mice with Victor Tin Cat
Poisons and snap traps aren’t always recommended or encouraged in areas where children and pets are. In situations like these, Victor Tin Cat glue boards are the ideal solution for trapping mice without using harmful, dangerous methods. The glue boards capture mice and insects at the moment of contact and prevent them from escaping. The peanut butter scent ensures there’s no need to add other food attractants that could cause a secondary pest infestation. Once the glue board captures a mouse, simply dispose of it and set out a new board in its place.
Primary Pest
Container Size
72 per case
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Victor Tin Cat M309 Glue Board
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